For the first time I visited Innopolis this autumn. My friend got a job in one of the companies in the city, and I decided to see what kind of new project it is, which is so controversially written about on the Internet. Before the trip, I added a telegram bot to myself, in which you can see the schedule of buses from Kazan and track their location. The bus, called the shuttle in Innopolis, arrived on schedule, it turned out to be comfortable inside (only seats), and, which is especially nice, free of charge.

Upon arrival, I got off at the wrong stop, so I immediately went through almost the entire city: I really liked Innopolis for its architecture, but the wind almost blew me off my feet. After a short excursion organized by a friend, the impressions of the city remained good (a delicious lunch in the canteen of the business center contributed a lot to this), and I began to come more often.

The city is transformed every time I visit.

I like the very idea of creating Innopolis: a special community for IT professionals whose living conditions aspire to European ones. I like that every time I visit the city changes for the better. Big changes are noticeable to everyone: the beginning of the construction of a new housing line or the opening of a pizzeria. I also like to notice the little things: walking paths, young trees in the park or decorations for the holidays. As a guest, it seems to me that the administration is quite responsive to the requests of its residents.

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