Department of Computer Science – Faculty

Faculty Job Advertisement

Institution: IT University Innopolis

Location: Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Category: Faculty –Computer Science

Application Deadline: May 30, 2014 (applications will be reviewed until the position is filled)

Type: Full Time or special arrangement

 IT University Innopolis, the first Russian university dedicated to information technology, is seeking three highly qualified faculty members for the Department of Computer Science. Recruited faculty will deliver the undergraduate programs to high quality Russian students, who have strong math and science preparation and will have responsibility for building and leading  research group. The initial appointment will be a 5-year contact renewable every 2 years on a rolling basis with expectation for tenure. Senior faculty are invited to spend a sabbatical leave at Innopolis, on negotiable conditions.

 University  Innopolis was established in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, USA , and other the world’s leading universities in the field of the Computer Science field. The curricula for four undergraduate programs are being developed, and recruited Innopolis University faculty members will work with Partner University faculty members to develop the courses. Recruited faculty members will spend several months at Partner Universities in an intensive training and interactive program

Candidate requirements:

Applicants for all ranks specializing in software engineering, data science or computer science are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will have academic qualifications at doctoral level from an internationally-recognized educational and research institution, excellent English communication skills (all instruction at IU is in English), and a proven research track record. Incoming faculty members are expected to develop strong and internationally competitive research programs and to teach at the undergraduate level.

About position:

Currently, the Department of Computer Science is in its formation stage and consists of faculty members from diverse research areas that include Theoretical and Applied Computer Science, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence as well as Mathematical Modeling.

 Position responsibilities include teaching 3 courses per academic year, curriculum and program development, leading relevant research activities, general program guidance, advising and mentoring students, committee service and other activities related to the intellectual and cultural environment of the university.

 Successful candidates will spend the fall semester of 2014 at Partner University assisting in the development of courses in close collaboration with Partner University faculty members and establishing research collaborations. Relocation to Kazan is expected no later than January 2014 and teaching starts in early-February.

 Tentative BS courses to be delivered in 2014/2015:

-          Data Science

-          Algorithms and Data Structures

-          Artificial Cognitive Systems

-          Performance Engineering of Software Systems

-          Global Software Development

-          Architectures for Software Systems

-          Embedded System Design

 Compensation and benefits:

Innopolis University offers a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package including paid vacation, housing allowance (based on the rank and family size),  relocation allowance, home leave travel (twice per year), paid health care coverage and educational allowance for dependent children.

 The start-up package will include funding for two PhD students and additional discretionary funds for research. The University will provide assistance in search and recruitment of PhD students within Russia and abroad, and with applications for national and international research grants. Assistant Professors will benefit from a mentor program involving senior academics from Partner University and Innopolis.


Application Information: Please submit the full application package, consisting of cover letter, curriculum vitae, research statement, teaching statement to faculty (at) Additionally, all applicants need to obtain three confidential reference letters by asking their referees to send these letters directly to the same email address. Additional information about our university can be found on our website:

 For more information about the position, please contact the Dean for Undergraduate Programs Dr.Tanya Stanko: T (dot) stanko (at) innopolis (dot) edu (dot) ru

About location:

Innopolis University campus is located in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, in the new and ultra-modern part of the city in the heartland of Russia.

Russian and Tatar are the main spoken languages in this culturally diverse place. Tatarstan is rapidly moving toward a post-industrial economy through high-tech development and advancements in education.

 In Kazan the incoming faculty will experience a unique mixture of western and traditional lifestyles similar to any mid-size North American or European cosmopolitan city, including a rich and vibrant atmosphere with easy access to excellent restaurants, theaters, concert halls, museums, professional and amateur sports, recreation and much more.

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